Remote Education Project

Web Based Remote Education Software
In this project, a web-based remote education software was developed. Designed as a roof model, the software has a flexible use. For this purpose, any educational institution can provide web-based education service asynchronously by using this software.  There are administrator, teacher and student roles in this software. 

Users can add and delete, activate or deactivate the questions added to the system. It can control almost anything related to the system. 

Teacher; (S)He can add or remove courses, create a pool of questions, and check student statistics. The teacher can also do almost anything related to the lessons and questions. 

The student, on the other hand, can view the contents of the course he has chosen, the questions uploaded to the system, and the statistics for the questions he has solved.

Afterwards, the feedback of the exams they took will be followed by teachers and students. It is aimed for teachers and students to enter this web-based software from anywhere with an internet infrastructure without time and place restrictions. In addition, with the educational materials prepared by the teachers, students can work without being dependent on printed materials, teachers can take exams online and provide instant feedback to students, and students who do not have face-to-face education can log in to the system and access documents remotely, and answer exam and test questions.


User Registration Algoritm


You can read download Pdf form whole user manual


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